It’s on fire these days. Everyone blogs. Or reads a blog. Or knows someone who does.

But what does blogging really mean for your business and is it important to do it?

You might like to think of blogging as an extension of your website. When you’ve gone to all the effort to write up and map out how your website will look, it’s then fixed in ‘cyber stone’ until you decide to update it again. Blogging on the other hand is like a little mini renovation that you can do every week to keep your website current.

Much like a website, blogging should act as a marketing tool for you. It should advance your business, make you known to consumers and it should be acting as a referral tool for you. Good content in blogs means good followers and good followers will repost your blogs on their Facebook page or LinkedIn accounts. Blogging needs to be relevant though.

No point constantly blogging about other peoples work or products.



After all this a forum to advance your business, not to advance the businesses or projects of others. Whilst it’s great to be current and to have personal opinion you want to be vigilant about how much reposting you do about other people’s information as it loses some of your own marketing power.  

Blogging needs to be a well thought out affair, not a manically rushed, must post something it’s Friday afternoon and I haven’t put anything online for two weeks, number. The quality of the written content of your blogs defines who you are as a business and how likely people are to be attracted to following you. Depending on the nature of your business, or the type of individual you are, will dictate the content of your blogs. We always like to have a blogging brainstorming session once every few months to get a good idea on the type of blogs that will be beneficial to your business.

Having a blogging plan is like having a marketing plan, the more effort and strategy you put into it, the better the rewards will be.


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