We know that individuals and businesses want to have a social media presence, even if it's just to appear to be contemporary and up to date with the times.

But sometimes they just don't have the spare time to manage regularly updating Facebook and writing blogs etc. People tend to start off quite keen on Facebook, get a page set up and then the day to day running of their business gets in their way and they don't have the spare time to keep up with the level of posting required to make it a useful tool for their business. Which is where we come in.

Our social media packages are a sort of combination of a few social media elements. For people new to social media we run their Facebook page as a first point, posting two to three times a week and replying to comments within a two day window. It's important to reply quite quickly with comments so that people feel they are being listened to and acknowledged. Also means if there are any leads coming through the posted replies/comments they are picked up quickly and followed up.

With Facebook it's important to keep a weekly posting cycle up so people get used to looking for you in their feed. But it's also important not to overwhelm them with too many posts per week or per day because otherwise they 'unfriend' you because you block up their feed. Facebook fans like to see a combination of photos and written posts, makes for a more diverse and interesting feed. One of the advantages of having an up to date Facebook page is that as you complete jobs, we can post current photographs on your FB page and reach an audience immediately.

It removes the need for you to have to wait until it's uploaded to a website or even more time consuming, getting it printed in your latest brochures.



The very immediacy of Facebook means your followers get to see current status on work/jobs/projects you've completed as it's being finished and they get to comment on it, send queries or enquire about you doing a similar job for them. It's a very powerful marketing tool when used properly.

Our packages also include one blog post a week which we run from your website and we link each post back through to your Facebook page. We like to get a sense of a few blog posts that are relevant and have a meeting to run through blogging ideas and the sort of feel and language we want to achieve through the blogging. When we post the blog link on the Facebook page the link redirects traffic back to the website so the two sort of feed off each other.

Usually that's a good start for businesses, means you can develop a good following and we can start to collect the amount of stats on who is following you, what the age ranges are and how many hits you are getting per week. Once you start to build up a good following the posts can be thought through in terms of marketing strategies and ideas to capitalise on the increased number of followers. Twitter is good when you've got an established fan base already garnered from Facebook. We can also run a LInkedIn account for you.

Australian businesses for the most part do not utilise social media in anywhere near the capacity it's capable of in terms of marketing. The very nature of being able to post information in such an immediate forum is quite revolutionary in terms of connecting to your customer base. With a weekly blog post linking back to your website, you manage to direct traffic that you might never have got to your website to start with. It's win win!

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